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Dressage is an individual event in which participants ride a predefined series of movements at nominated letter markers in an arena. Scores are awarded for accuracy. Dressage tests may be memorised by the participant or have it called by their coach.

The benefit of dressage for its participants is that riders goals are incremental in small steps, enabling riders to measure their progress. There are many different dressage tests available with varying difficulty to cater for the level of the rider and horse ability.

Riders that obtain two dressage scores exceeding  50% at two separate events may be eligible to qualify to compete at the RDA Nationals which is held every second year. 


2021 RDA Dressage Tests:

All participants entering dressage must previously have obtained a dressage score or more than 50% in the last 18 months.

2021 Para Dressage Tests:

Riders may choose from the Equestrian Australia Para Test 1 & 2 in their chosen grade.

Riders are not required to currently hold a classification or have EA membership.

Riders that obtain a test score of 60% or over in the last 18 months at any competition to compete at an RDA Nationals Championship.

EA Para 1.1                           EA Para 4.1

EA Para 1.2                           EA Para 4.2

EA Para 2.1                           EA Para 5.1

EA Para 2.2                           EA Para 5.2

EA Para 3.1

EA Para 3.2


Dressage Rules