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April Memberships & Covid 19


Good news is members who purchase in April receive an extra 2 months on their annual membership, and they also have the option of up to 6 months waiting period before activating their membership.

There has also been an influx of Restaurants and Cafés offering takeaway and wanting help to promote to their local community. Takeaway offers are being updated weekly.

Purchases your book here if you don't already have one:


Entertainment Books

Now available all year round


By purchasing your book through RDA SA you can help support our fundraising to assist with improving service to our clients. All book subscriptions purchased are now completely digital. Memberships now also last 1 year from the date of purchase.

For only $70 you can enjoy a whole year of fun and discount offers on food, variety of dining, travel, retail, attractions and activities for the whole family in a single city.

Did you know that if you travel interstate or to New Zealand of Bali you can also now choose from the following additional subscriptions:

Multi City - 1yr $120

Multi City - 2yr $230