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14 Dec 2010

Making a bequest to RDA SA

An enduring gift to RDA can be made as a bequest, and may be as simple as adding a codicil to your will (with advice from your solicitor).

Your will is your own personal matter and how you leave your estate is your decision alone. Of course Riding for the Disabled SA will appreciate any gift you may wish to leave in your memory after you have provided for your family.

RDA enriches the lives of people with disabilities through its caring and committed volunteers. You may have owned, ridden and loved horses, and thus have a natural affinity for Riding for the Disabled as opens the world of horses to people with disabilities.

A bequest to Riding for the Disabled may be made in several ways:

  • As a specific bequest of a particular amount, or of a particular item such as a work of art, shares, investments, etc
  • Of your entire estate, or a specified percentage (after all debts and expenses have been paid)
  • As a residual bequest, which is the remainder after all other gifts and expenses are paid
  • After a life interest, when a property, such as a farm, is left to a beneficiary to occupy or receive income from in their lifetime, then passes to RDA upon their death.

You may also state a preference for the way your bequest to RDA will be used, such as a trust or in memory, or for a particular program or RDA centre. Trusts can be perpetual.

We recommend you discuss your needs with your solicitor when drawing up a will or codicil. You may also wish to discuss your intentions with us to ensure we will be able to honour your gift correctly.

Although you don't have to tell us if you have made, or intend to make, a bequest to RDA in your will, we’d nevertheless appreciate knowing, so we can keep you informed about our activities and to acknowledge your intended gift.

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